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William Bigsby
William Bigsby
Cazenovia native, William Bigsby, decided to go away to college after high school, but quickly found out that he missed the home field advantage that he experienced in Cazenovia.

Bigsby, a passionate three-sport athlete, grew up on the shores of Cazenovia Lake. At Cazenovia High School, he demonstrated his leadership as the president of his graduating class. Bigsby attributes most of his athletic success to his high school coach, Jay Steinhorst, who coached him in three sports: football, indoor track and his favorite sport, baseball. His successful career as a high school athlete and helping the Cazenovia Lakers win multiple sectional titles are moments that Bigsby will always remember fondly.

Cazenovia is the home of his family's law firm, Fallon, Fallon & Bigsby, which is the inspiration for Bigsby's career path. He aspires to be a lawyer just like his aunts and his father. At Cazenovia College, he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Social Science and hopes to continue on to law school. Attending Cazenovia College has also allowed Bigsby to help out at the law firm, work at the local Cazenovia recreational program, and run his own lawn care business that he operates with a friend. His networking capabilities have grown significantly since returning to Cazenovia and deciding to attend Cazenovia College.

"I never really considered Cazenovia College because I always thought I wanted to go farther away." Bigsby made the decision to attend college his first semester at a college in Rochester, NY, but quickly realized Cazenovia was his home. "It became clear to me that Caz is the perfect place to earn an education and enjoy a collegiate baseball experience."

According to Bigsby, Cazenovia College offered him an easy transition compared to other prospective colleges. "Caz accepted all of my Tompkins Cortland Community College credits from high school and all my remaining college credits from the fall semester."

Bigsby added, "I thought transferring was going to be difficult, but it turned out fine. The classes are smaller so you get to interact with the professors, which makes the experience personal." He is also benefitting from the accessible office hours offered by the Caz professors and how easy it is to interact and relate to them.

The diverse student population that Cazenovia College offers compared to his previous college surprised Bigsby. It was refreshing to him to see people from many different backgrounds in his classes and all over campus. "At first, I thought I was going to miss out on a social life as a transfer student but I have met many people, especially my teammates on the baseball team."

Even though Bigsby is originally from Cazenovia and commutes from his home in Cazenovia, he still spends much of his time on campus, whether it's in class, hanging out with the baseball guys, or taking some swings at the field. Nevertheless, he still has the advantage of enjoying home cooked meals at his convenience. Bigsby is also excited that a few of his close friends from high school are also transferring to Cazenovia College this year. "Who knows ... maybe I have started a trend for Cazenovia High School students."

Bigsby is focusing on improving his baseball play with the Stan Musial Syracuse Chiefs Wooden Bat League this summer. He is looking forward to his sophomore season with the Wildcats. "We only lost two seniors last year... and there is a ton of local kids coming in from the surrounding area," stressed Bigsby, who added that the goal for the team is to go to the NEAC playoffs and win a championship this year. Coming from Cazenovia High School, Bigsby is guaranteed to give nothing less than 110 percent on the field and in the classroom and now knows that the best place for him to be is in Cazenovia - at home and a student at Cazenovia College.

"...Caz is the perfect place to earn an education and enjoy a collegiate baseball experience."

Social Science
Cazenovia, NY
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