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Timothy Mellon
Tim Mellonís ultimate career goal is to pursue employment in the law enforcement or homeland security fields. He credits Cazenovia College, its professors, and the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies program for preparing him to be ready and able to serve upon graduation.

"I made the right choice to attend Cazenovia College, and after being here nearly four years I am 100% certain I made the right decision in enrolling in the Caz criminal justice program," Tim says. He acknowledges his professors for making learning enjoyable and says that class times are often filled with student/teacher conversations where the professor encourages all students to participate. "The professors understand that learning is much more effective when students are able to speak their minds and share their thoughts with the class."

Professor Stewart Weisman, director of the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies program at Cazenovia College, has become one of Timís biggest mentors and favorite professor. Tim says, "Professor Weisman has been more than just a professor to me. I have learned from him and have tremendous respect for him as a person and as a professional in the law enforcement and legal profession. He possesses an extensive knowledge of our judicial system and he is one of the reasons Cazenovia College has been such a great experience for me."

Some of Timís favorite classes have included Juvenile Delinquency, Financing Terrorism, and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), where he learned how to draw crime maps, take fingerprints, and secure evidence in a mock crime investigation. One of his most tangible learning experiences, however, was an internship he had this past summer with the New Hampshire State Police. Working in their major crimes unit, Tim was able to challenge himself and incorporate things learned in the classroom into real life scenarios. During his internship, he toured the polygraph suite at the state prison, worked with detectives, went to crime scenes, and even learned the process behind autopsies.

"This internship has shown me first-hand what it takes to be a dedicated member of our nationís criminal justice system," says Tim. "The troopers I worked with taught me skills that will not only be crucial to my future in law enforcement but in everyday life as well. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and owe a great deal of thanks to the men and women who so willingly showed me what it takes to be a New Hampshire State Trooper."

Sergeant Jeff Ladieu, of the New Hampshire State Police, had the highest of marks for Tim, noting that he exceeded expectations. "He exhibited a great attitude, was well organized, communicated well with others, explored issues and asked great questions," noted Ladieu.

Faculty and staff at Cazenovia College agree with Sergeant Ladieu. According to Timís academic advisor, Cyndi Pratt, who is director of special services in the Academic Learning Center, "Tim is an outstanding student, leader and athlete; overall, heís a remarkable young man. He is kind, thoughtful, and has an amazing work ethic. It has been a wonderful experience for me to work with Tim these past four years and I know that his future is very bright."

The feelings about the Cazenovia College family are mutual for Tim, who, in addition to his academic growth, was a member of the lacrosse team for four years, and served as its captain in his senior season. Tim says, "The entire faculty and staff at Cazenovia College have made it possible for me to build confidence in myself and excel in the areas that interest me the most. I could not have chosen a better path to begin building my future."

"I am 100% certain I made the right decision in enrolling in the Caz criminal justice program."

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies
Temple, NH
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