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Sarah Powell
Sarah Powell, of Norwich, New York, grew up with a zest for art. The tools, the palettes, the history - she loved every colorful bit of it. It's her hobby, a form of expression and a creative outlet. Her pastime helped carve a path toward her future career, but the trail wasn't clear until she arrived at Cazenovia College.

While researching colleges, Powell knew she wanted to major in studio art because of its ever-changing tone, but she longed to determine an exact job that would be waiting for her in four short years. So, she put her faith in Cazenovia after falling for its family-like community, appealing size and engaging faculty.

Powell spent her freshman year intrigued by Cazenovia's wide selection of media ranging from metals, glass, clay and beyond to video, audio, photography and more. She was continually impressed that professors served as working professional artists in addition to teaching classes. She was inspired. Could she possibly mirror this profession and express her creative side while teaching others at the same time? Absolutely! She found her answer right in the middle of her First Year Seminar class, Kiln Formed Glass.

There she was - learning the art of glass torchworking, when a new interest sparked. She was shown how to make glass beads and was quickly interested in the craft. Powell's skill at the torch was so exceptional that Professor Kim Waale, art professor and studio art program director, asked her to serve as a master student for future classes. "Professor Waale gave me the greatest opportunity I could have ever asked for - to assist my peers one-on-one," says Powell." She encouraged me to teach a torchworking demonstration each semester and I've gained such amazing college-level teaching experience."

Powell's coursework eventually called for classes in Jewelry: Small Metals and Sculpture. She was taught how to design jewelry with her handmade glass beads and soon realized she had a plan on the horizon. She decided to fuse her new found love of teaching with her recent passion for jewelry making and she set her sights on grad school. She realized her calling to become a professor.

"Sarah has demonstrated tremendous talent as a teacher," says Waale. "I first observed her gifts when she was teaching as a master student and writing a how-to manual at the same time." Waale continues, "She balances an understanding of how to teach both technique and content with a sensitivity to different learning styles and personalities."

Waale, Powell's academic advisor, is pleased to have seen her student excel in a business setting and further diversify her artistic expertise. During her junior year, Powell was appointed to be the manager of smART, a student-run "business" that manufactures sellable products from recycled bottles. Powell was instrumental in the management and training of a team of work-study students to make products for smART's main client, Magnus Ridge Winery.

Jewelry making is now a way of life for Powell. She founded a chapter of the American Bead-Makers Society during her sophomore year and has served as its president for three years. She enjoys taking classes she has already completed to learn more advanced practices to support her efforts in the field. "There's something about working with glass on a torch that I find very peacefu," says Powell." You have to work with heat, gravity and centrifugal forces all at once, but when you know what you're doing, they work together in such harmony that it totally fascinates me. It keeps me wondering what I'll create next." She's pleased with the connections she has made while at Caz, most notably with Rachel Herman '13. Herman's mother, Jenifer, owns Red Door Artisans - an art consignment shop that focuses on selling work from local artists. Powell's one-of-a-kind pieces are on sale at the store and she was featured in a Bridge Street (WSYR-TV9) segment* alongside Jenifer in July 2013. She had a unique chance to publicly discuss her involvement with the Artist on the Porch series, which called for artists to demonstrate their talents literally on Red Door Artisans' front steps!

While Powell's plate is full, her thoughts on the College are as clear as the glass she designs. "Caz has opened so many doors for me since I first stepped foot on campus," notes Powell. "Through specialized classes, solid internships, alumni networking and more, the College has truly built my future one exciting opportunity at a time."

"The College has truly built my future one exciting opportunity at a time."

Studio Art
Norwich, NY
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