Sarah Hart
Paul Roberts Visual Communications: Graphic Design
Newfane, NY

"Cazenovia has created new connections for me..."

Cazenovia College is a place where the primary goal is to give students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for success following graduation. For many students, internships are an important component of their educational journey. Professors and advisors work hard to place students in desirable, educational internship settings. Paul Roberts is a Visual Communications (Graphic Design) senior from Newfane, New York whose internship is an example of such a rewarding opportunity.

A six-week internship at the corporate headquarters of the Humane Society of the United States in Gaithersburg, Maryland helped Roberts gain the valuable experience he will need as a professional in the graphic design field. While working in the Publications Department, Roberts created company advertisements, conducted research using the company's databases, and designed elements for the company to use in their publications.

"I gained insight into the corporate office setting, and learned how modern workforce groups communicate efficiently with technology such as with shared servers and internal messaging systems."

Roberts chose Cazenovia College as his home because of its successful Visual Communications program and the small town atmosphere the college offers. The generous scholarship and financial aid offerings also made Caz the most desirable option.

He believes the help he received from his professors and the courses offered at Caz have given him the best opportunity to grow as a designer. A few of his favorite courses have been Advanced Graphic Design, Advanced Advertising Design, and Senior Portfolio.

It is clear that Roberts has an immense passion for graphic design, even though it tends to involve plenty of hard work, requiring a large amount of effort. "Academics have always come first but when you love your field of study, it makes the long hours put in feel like play time."

His most prized academic work completed at Cazenovia College is a project, Mobile U, which he began during his sophomore year in a marketing class. He later expanded the design for his senior portfolio.

"Mobile U is an organizational/lifestyle app for college students. It integrates with your existing student profile, lets you see your schedule, includes an interactive map, and offers the ability to make group messaging threads for a class and more."

Not only does Roberts love his major and is proud of what he has accomplished, he has also thoroughly enjoyed many other aspects of Cazenovia College over the past four years.

"I've never let it get boring for me at Caz, and I have loved every minute of it. You can do whatever you want here and if you don't already see it happening, take the initiative to start something yourself."

Maintaining a very busy schedule - as a Resident Advisor, President of the All-College Honors Program, a member of many clubs, and a former three-sport athlete - Roberts believes he has gotten as much out of Cazenovia College as he has put in. "I can honestly say Caz has provided me with the environment and opportunities to grow into my best self.

One club that Roberts is very fond of is the Improv Comedy Club, which he has been a member of since its creation in fall 2011. "It's been a great stress reliever during my four years. I love performing in the shows we have every semester."

Roberts hopes to one day operate his own small business (thanks to his Business minor) in either Boston or the greater Washington, DC area, where he completed his internship.

Article written by April Rink, Communication Studies major.

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