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Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott, a business management major from Greene, New York, pictured himself attending a college that would allow him not only to excel in education, but make lasting friendships with people he would never forget. "There are a lot of great people at Cazenovia that make it a great place to attend college," he said.

Mark was a student at Broome Community College, in Binghamton, NY, prior to transferring to Cazenovia College. "I was a commuter student at Broome, so coming here was a big change." While it may have been a transition, the dorm environment at Caz allowed him to make close friendships with students. "I live in a suite and we all get along so well; my roommates are awesome," Mark said.

Markís older sister, Megan McDermott, a recent graduate of Cazenovia College, invited Mark up to Caz for a couple of visits during her time at the College. "My sister went here so I came up to visit her many times and loved the campus. When it came time to consider colleges I would be interested in transferring to, Cazenovia College was at the top of my list," he said.

In the two short years Mark has been at Cazenovia, he has gone above and beyond the basic requirements of what a student is expected to do. He plays on the varsity golf team and, during the off season, he plays for intramural teams including flag football and basketball. Off the field, Mark is heavily involved and respected among his classmates; he was recently elected president of the Business Club. The club values the importance of community welfare; for this reason they organize community service events throughout the year. "We are hosting a food drive for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and donating the food to Caz Cares, a food shelter located right in the heart of Cazenovia", he explained.

Cazenovia College recently hosted the 12th annual Wheler Conference on World Affairs. Mark had the opportunity to attend the invitation-only luncheon, sharing a few words with New York State Senator Dave Valesky. "The luncheon with Senator Valesky was a great experience. He had a lot of insight on advocacy and shared how individuals can have a major impact on important government legislation," Mark said.

In order to graduate, every senior at Cazenovia College has to complete a year-long Capstone project. "Iím currently working on my Capstone which is a big commitment but it is also very rewarding." There is no question that a considerable amount of thought went into his groupís innovative project. "We are proposing a gym powered by sustainable energy. The gym will run on the energy that people produce while they work out," he said. According to McDermott, a gym that runs on sustainable energy could save a hefty amount of money each month by not using gas-powered electricity. He added that a few gyms today conduct thriving businesses by using sustainable energy.

Planning and executing a project as complex as this gym takes time. "For the first semester, we focused on the business research methods, handed out surveys and conducted 28 hours of interviews. The spring semester will focus on forming our business plan and putting it all together," he explained.

Next semester, he will start his internship with the Office of External Relations at Cazenovia College. "The professor I look up to the most is Matthew Clark, executive director for external relations at the College; I am looking forward to interning for him," Mark said.

A senior slated to graduate in May, Mark McDermott is nearing his departure from the College and his next journey. The Cazenovia College community cares about its students and their futures in the working world. "The faculty and staff at Caz are always more than willing to help and have truly prepared me for the real world."

He speaks highly of Caz and recommends that students consider and choose his soon-to-be alma mater. "I think there is a wealth of opportunity for any student who chooses to enroll at Cazenovia. The professors and administrators have many connections that truly benefit students."

McDermott refers to Caz as a tight-knit community, stressing that this small school atmosphere is a key reason why students excel and feel Cazenovia College is a place to which they can always return. "Caz is my second home. All of my friends are here and this place will always mean a lot to me."

"The faculty and staff at Caz ... have truly prepared me for the real world."

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Greene, NY
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