Rachel, Rebecca & Laura Krawiec
Krawiec Triplets Human Services, Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising
Vernon, NY

"We are thrilled to be charting our own courses at Caz."

"When most parents begin the college search process, they'll sit down with their son or daughter and lay out all of the options on the table. They'll map out a list of basics: location, major, size, tuition. All the key factors are right there front and center, ready for discussion. They'll strategically plan visits, decide on an application timeline and review financial aid opportunities. This higher education-style scene seems very familiar to many, but not when the daughter across the table from you is actually...THREE daughters!

Such is the case for the Krawiecs of Vernon, New York. Their triplet daughters, Rachel, Rebecca and Laura are Cazenovia College's very first set of identical triplet freshman and they've given the campus quite a fun shock! "Some of our professors and classmates have mistaken us, but it goes with the territory," says Laura. "We just smile and understand." Laura's gentle demeanor is mirrored by her sisters. The kindhearted trio has shared a uniquely close bond since birth and they always hoped they'd someday attend college together.

Finding a college that could suit all three of the girls' collegiate needs and career goals was a bit of a challenge when the Krawiec family began their search almost two years before high school graduation. Although they had been through the process with the four older Krawiec children, this time was a bit more daunting, as each girl chose a different major. Laura was set on fashion merchandising, Rachel wanted to take the human services route with a specialization in alcohol and substance abuse, and Rebecca sought to become an interior designer. After visiting several campuses, "No college seemed to fit all of their professional dreams and desire to stay together," says their mother, Fanny. "I prayed for guidance, and Cazenovia College suddenly entered the picture!"

Older sister Katherine mentioned that she knew a Cazenovia interior design alumna and then something surreal seemed to happen. Fanny and the girls raced to the computer and pulled up the College's website. The pieces of the puzzle all seemed to gel right on the screen in front of them. All of their intended majors were offered, the size was perfect and the location was a stone's throw from home. The ideal setting had been sitting in their backyard all along. "It all just clicked," says Fanny. "I got this lift off of my heart and we couldn't schedule a visit fast enough."

Enter Kate Lincoln '08, assistant director of admissions, who met the Krawiecs during their official campus visit. She could tell instantly that the girls' academic backgrounds and pleasant personalities made them a great fit for Caz. "We are thrilled to be charting our own courses at Caz, while still maintaining our strong connection," says Rachel. Rebecca agrees and says, "Having a chance for us to stay together was a real gift."

Lincoln worked closely with the family every step of the way and was determined to treat each sister as an individual. "One of the main reasons I love my job is the one-on-one relationships I make with each student," says Lincoln. "It was an additional honor as an alumna to see how the College could appeal to three siblings and create a legacy right in front of me!"

The Krawiec's story is just beginning at Cazenovia and it's a rare one, indeed. While they begin to write the chapters of their Caz Experience, the tale of how they got here is surely a classic."

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