Jason Jenney
Jason Jenney Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies
Baldwinsville, NY

"Caz has given me the ability to push my limits."

Jason Jenney has always dreamt of a career in law enforcement. He's also possessed a keen interest in the armed forces since before he can even remember. It was only natural that after receiving an associate degree from Onondaga Community College (OCC), he soon found himself pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and homeland security studies at Cazenovia College.

As part of a "2 + 2 partnership" between both institutions, Jenney, a native of Baldwinsville, New York, found value in completing his studies at OCC, while under the additional advisement of Cazenovia College faculty and administrators. It was a financially sound investment, and he was able to commute and work while completing OCC's two-year program. Both campuses worked together to ensure Jenney would have the necessary coursework needed for a seamless transition to Cazenovia.

Shortly after his arrival on the Caz College campus, Jenney joined the Ski Club and became heavily involved with the Cazenovia Activities Board (CAB). In addition to serving as a resident advisor, he is a regular at CAB's weekly meetings and a familiar event volunteer.

"Jason's positive, cheerful attitude makes him a joy to work with and his passion for CAB is paralleled in his everyday life," says Victoria Sokolowski '09, campus program coordinator and CAB advisor. "He's a great listener and a comforting person toward his peers."

Jenney's contributions to CAB were recently recognized at the 12th Annual Student Leaders Ceremony on Feb. 27, 2015, when he received the Impact Award with classmate Sarah Schay. Remarks from their introduction noted that they "quickly immersed themselves in campus activities and leadership opportunities, and they have played a critical role in enhancing student life." It also mentioned that, "We have student leaders that 'shine' after three to four years on campus and leaders that 'twinkle' their first few years, but we also have a number of transfer students that come to our campus 'glowing' and immediately get engaged, allowing them to have a tremendous impact on the overall student experience at Cazenovia College."

As Jenney concludes his senior year at Cazenovia, his initial thoughts about enrolling remain the same. "I chose Cazenovia College because of its location and focus on close student-professor relationships."

He further states that the Office of Career Services was instrumental in helping him land a two-month internship with the United States Secret Service. Although it was a seven-month approval process, Jenney remained eager and enthusiastic during the waiting period before taking a position based in the James Hanley Federal Building in downtown Syracuse, New York.

Without disclosing too much information regarding classified assignments, Jenney was pleased to share that his days were filled with widely-diverse tasks ranging from paperwork and evidence room inventory to even receiving a tour of Air Force 2! He was involved with Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Syracuse in October 2014, and was delighted by the learning experiences and networking opportunities he received that day.

"Caz has given me the ability to push my limits, whether it is in school, my personal life or work," says Jenney. "I've been given the skills to handle more and see what I am made of." He encourages all prospective and current students to "take every opportunity that comes your way and don't look back. The future is what YOU make of it, and so is your experience at Cazenovia."

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