Heather and Michaela Greenwood
Heather Greenwood '17 Major: Management with a concentration in Accounting
Minors: Entrepreneurship and Communication Studies
Hamilton, NY
Michaela Greenwood '20 Major: Management with a concentration in Business Management
Hamilton, NY

Close to home and family, the Greenwood sisters are preparing for the business world.

Sharing the college experience with a sibling may not appeal to everyone; however, it definitely works for senior Heather and freshman Michaela Greenwood. While the sisters have some common interests, each has a distinctive Cazenovia College experience of her own.

Growing up in Hamilton, New York, Heather considered several colleges during her senior year of high school. She found exactly what she was looking for after attending an open house event at Cazenovia College, just twenty minutes from home. In addition to liking Cazenovia's close proximity to her hometown, Heather also received the Trustees Scholarship.

Heather is a management major with a concentration in accounting, with minors in entrepreneurship and communication studies. Heather has taken several classes with Professor Kathleen Allen, her advisor and program director for accounting. Marketing also interests Heather; a class her freshman year with Professor Francine Varisco still resonates because it taught her a great deal about business and group work. With a minor in communication studies, Heather has taken many classes with Professor Heather Ferrara as well. Presently, Heather is working on her senior capstone project.

Working as an intern in the accounting department of a local business, Marquardt Switches, Inc., helped solidify Heather's interest in this field. She is applying to the 4+1 Master of Business Administration program at Le Moyne College, which allows Cazenovia graduates who meet certain criteria to attend Le Moyne for one year of graduate study to earn an MBA.

Heather rounds out her schedule with several other commitments. She has been a resident advisor since her sophomore year, serving in this capacity at Watts Hall, Shove Hall/Shove Suites, and currently in Village Commons.

Added to that is an active tenure with the Campus Activities Board (CAB), where Heather served as vice president during the fall, helping to bring outside entertainers to campus like comedians and musicians, and also organizing the ever-popular 'Battle of the Air Bands' competition.

Heather shares, "I would describe my Caz experience as eventful because I chose to take advantage of the many opportunities this college offers."

Michaela became acquainted with Cazenovia College early in her high school years as she spent time with Heather on campus. She also was impressed by the friendly and welcoming people who make up the College's community of students, faculty and staff. An accomplished student in high school, Michaela received the prestigious Trustees Scholarship as well.

Michaela, like Heather, is interested in management, declaring her concentration in business management this past fall. She is pursuing this area of study because of its applicability to virtually any work situation, whether in the for-profit, non-profit or governmental sectors. So far, Michaela has particularly enjoyed a business management class last semester with Professor Ron Waite.

During her freshman year, Michaela took advantage of the Leadership Development Community (LDC) program, offered by the College's Office of Student Life. The LDC is open to first-year students and provides a community experience in a dedicated area of Shove Hall.

As an LDC participant, Michaela takes part in weekly programming focused on important topics such as the current refugee crisis in Syria. LDC participants also become members of Alpha Phi Omega (a national service fraternity).

Already busy with commitments outside the classroom, Michaela was recently elected as secretary to CAB, where she will make slideshows and take the notes for the organization's meetings. She sums up her freshman experience saying, "Don't be afraid to get out of your room and try something new, you could learn so much about yourself and meet the friends you'll have forever."

Even though they share a campus together, with the busy schedules that Heather and Michaela keep they only occasionally see each other in the Dining Hall or at CAB meetings. While their paths rarely cross, the sisters do have one weekly engagement that happens every Sunday night when they watch "Once Upon a Time."

Close to home and family, the Greenwood sisters are preparing for the business world. They are fully engaged in their own Cazenovia experiences, yet still find time to spend together.

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