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"Caz is Where I Was Meant to Be"
A Q & A with Transfer Student Erica Group

Why did you choose to transfer to Caz?

I chose to transfer to Caz because I was ready for a college experience where I felt special. I was born and raised in Florida, and after graduating from a large high school with over 3,000 students and attending an even larger college, the University of South Florida with over 45,000 enrolled, I was ready for a change. My major had previously been architecture and although close, it wasn't exactly what I wanted. After much inquiry and great thought, I changed my major to interior design. I researched schools both in Florida and Upstate New York that offered an outstanding program where I could obtain my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design. When I discovered that Caz offered this major and was highly regarded, I knew this is where I was meant to be. The charm of Cazenovia and the small college experience made Caz the place I needed to be to feel special.

What would you say about the transferring process at Cazenovia College?

The transfer process was seamless. I was immediately put in contact with Elizabeth Moore, director of the Interior Design Program. She worked very closely with me via email to transfer as many credits as possible from the University of South Florida. Also, on my campus tour day, Professor Moore set aside two hours to personally go over my transcripts and ask detailed questions to make sure as many of my credits as possible were transferred.

What did Caz College do or offer you to make transferring here a pleasant experience?

Prior to my move to New York, the Cazenovia staff mailed me helpful pamphlets and information on the college. My contact person in Admissions was Joan Austin, and I can't tell you how much it meant to me that after the second of my several phone calls, she would answer the phone with a "Hi Erica" tone of familiarity that made me feel so welcome. During my campus tour day, she was incredibly helpful in making me feel comfortable. She even went so far as to contact President Tierno to ask that I be granted a scholarship for my high transfer GPA.

Could you describe the faculty, staff and admissions office and how they have been / treated you as a transfer student?

The faculty, staff and people in the Admissions Office were all incredibly welcoming to me as a transfer student. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Professors, who had already known my classmates for two years, were eager to help me and were genuinely interested in my story.

Do you feel like you have become a true part of the Caz College family?

I think family is the perfect word to describe the Cazenovia College community. Having transferred from a large university, the difference was very obvious to me. I honestly felt like a part of the family immediately. There is a true difference in the level of interest the professors show each and every student.

What would you tell other students who are considering transferring to Caz College?

If you are considering transferring to Caz, I can assure you that, after having gone through the process, it is a great decision. Transferring from out-of-state was efficient and a well-organized process.

Do you have any other thoughts you'd like to share about becoming a Cazenovia College student?

My campus tour was in the middle of December, a very cold day with the snow blowing sideways. Even under these conditions, this transfer student from Florida could feel the warmth Caz had to offer.

"As a transfer, I immediately felt the difference and level of interest that Caz shows each and every student."

Interior Design
Deland, FL
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