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Darwin Gordon
Take a walk in Darwin Gordon's shoes, and they'll point directly toward New York City with every step you take. Why, you ask? You see, Cazenovia College is the first of many stops for the fashion design major from Troy, Michigan. He has big plans to follow his heart and make a name for himself in the Big Apple.

Gordon credits a natural love for art, as well as worldly fashion styles he saw on social networks for influencing his decision to pursue a career in the fashion industry. A combination of New York City's street trends and styles from top fashion houses, such as Christian Dior, spoke to Gordon over the years, and the map toward his future became quite evident. "The call to become a designer and someday land in New York City was loud and clear," says Gordon. "I exclusively researched schools in New York State, and Cazenovia College's fashion program stood right out. I was confident that Caz would be the perfect avenue to lead me toward my goals."

Although he hails from a town about 500 miles away from Cazenovia, Gordon adjusted quickly to his new surroundings with the help of new friends and creative outlets to keep him from missing home. "Caz instantly turned friendships into family," says Gordon. "I was welcomed with open arms." Musical performances also provided comfort to Gordon. The Catherine Cummings Theatre was a special treat for Gordon, who has performed in several campus productions over the years such as CHICAGO, Godspell and Working. "It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Caz had a theatre on campus," says Gordon. "It has definitely been an added bonus!"

Gordon has also kept busy with classes, enjoying the challenges and excitement that each new course has brought to him over his brief time on campus. Patternmaking, drawing, bookmarking, illustration Ė you name it, Gordon has dabbled in it! "My major is much more than just design," says Gordon. "Iíve learned everything from sewing basics to advanced apparel construction in just a few short years. My class sizes, close ties with professors and program variety will no doubt take me where I want to go."

And, one thing is for certain Ė Gordon is going places. His internship at Malia Mills was a beneficial stop in his trek toward the City. The swimwear/ready-to-wear company is based in Brooklyn Ė right in the heart of the garment district. "Working in the studio right alongside Malia and observing exactly how much effort and energy goes in to a product from start to finish was the opportunity of a lifetime," says Gordon.

No doubt, Gordonís coursework at Caz, coupled with his experiences at Malia Mills, gave him the precise tools to craft his senior collection. As he preps for the 41st Annual Cazenovia College Fashion Show, itís evident that his heart and soul has gone into each garment in his 5-piece senior collection. For several months, Gordon has prepared hundreds of sketches, selected key musical arrangements and researched specific "successful, young, edgy and classy" styles to complete his vision. Model recruitment, hair and make-up, shoes, accessories and timing all add to the very detailed performance he will present to an audience of 1,000-plus. As Gordon sends a final "Princess Diana mixed with a rebellious youthful style" inspired line down the runway, his pride will certainly walk with it.

"My time at Caz has been one positive step after the next, and a valuable destination as I journey toward my future in fashion," says Gordon. We at Cazenovia are honored to have been on the route toward Gordonís road map toward success.
"My time at Caz has been one positive step after the I journey toward my future in fashion."

Fashion Design
Troy, Michigan
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